Steve Britt

Born, raise and educated in the in the City of Middleton, Steve Britt relocated to Montana and began his career in law enforcement with the Montana Highway Patrol. Returning to Wisconsin with his family, wife Lisa and sons Ross and Greg, Steve has served with the Middleton Police Department for twenty-five years.

During his thirty year career in law enforcement, Steve has maintained his passion for real estate as a licensed appraiser and general contractor.  With an eye for detail and drive to succeed, Steve has focused his passions on a career in real estate sales.

A twelve year resident of Lake Wisconsin area, Steve Britt is comfortable in guiding clients within both urban and rural environments.  Steve's integrity, dedicated work ethic, and compassionate ear will allow him to understand your needs and work to get you the very best results.  Steve's main objective is to both understand and fulfill his client's needs while building a relationship that will last over the course of time.