What to Look For When Walking Through Homes

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When touring homes, it pays to know what to look for in its structure, equipment, and surroundings.

The following are some items that you, your Spencer Real Estate Group agent, and a Certified Home Inspector will be looking at.


  • Floors: Condition of Flooring. Whether plank or plywood.

  • Walls: Condition of walls, whether drywall or plaster. Absence of watermarks.

  • Fireplace: Damper in working order, flues to chimney clear.

  • Heating: Type of heat used.

  • Doors and Windows: Easy to open and close (or replace) for storm/screen removal or installation.

  • Hot Water System: Type and gallon capacity.  How long the present unit has been in service (if older home).

  • Electrical: Standard house current, number of circuits, outlets and fuses/circuit breakers sufficient for everyday needs.

  • Carpenter Ants/Termites:  May require inspection by qualified exterminator for existing and potential problems.

  • Plumbing: Good water pressure throughout the house. Tie-in to local water supply facilities, etc. all in working order. Bathroom and kitchen fixtures in good shape.

  • Appliances and Fixtures: Range, refrigerator, dishwasher/disposal, laundry facilities, etc. all in working order.



  • Foundation: Floors and walls poured concrete.  No evidence of water seepage or moisture problems.

  • Drainage: Sump Pump for sanitary and foundation draining.

  • Garage: Doors or opener in good working order. Sufficient electrical and heating access.

  • Lot and Landscaping: Grading level or properly contoured.  Trees and shrubs sufficient for needs. Fences, walls, patio and driveway in good condition.

  • Exterior Walls: Type suitable for various weather conditions. Look for items that would need periodic maintenance (painting or tuck pointing).

  • Roof: Gutters and down spouts in good condition.  If older home, how long have shingles been in use?

  • Chimney: flashing tightly caulked.

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