Cheap Dates in Madison - $5 Movies Tuesday & Thursday

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Cheap Date- $5 Movie Night!

Let's face it, dates can get expensive and after a long day at work sometimes you just want to chill out.  $5 Movie Night at Marcus Point Cinema is what you're looking for! When stress levels are high and extra money for dates is low, head over to Marcus. 

Here's the gist:

  • $5 for tickets on Tuesday for everyone and $5 tickets on Thursdays for students

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays you also get FREE POPCORN! You need to sign up for Magic Movie Rewards but you should do that anyway because it saves you a lot of money and costs nothing to have the app

  • Speaking of Magic Movie Rewards, sign up for them. Once you have the app you can buy your tickets ahead of time for the seats that you want and get discounts and other good stuff

  • Seats: This may be mainstream by now but I still get excited about it- dreamloungers! All the seats in the movie theater are now dream loungers (recliners). The other nice thing about seating is that when you buy your tickets in advance online, you can choose where you want to sit so you can get to the theater with a minute to spare and still get prime seats. It's the best.

Enjoy your cheap date!