Selling Your Home On Your Own- It May Be Harder Than You Expect


It may be harder than you think - here are some points to consider:

Security of your home and yourself:

“For Sale By Owner” signs tend to invite anyone and everyone to inspect your house. As a homeowner you have very little experience pre-screening potential buyers.  Spencer Real Estate Group has seen and is prepared for many unexpected scenarios.

Advertising resources available to a non-professional can be limited.

Along with the placement advantages we receive from frequent newspaper and internet advertising, Spencer Real Estate Group also attracts buyers through the Multiple Listing Service, internet and numerous networking avenues.  Without proper marketing of your home, it may end up on the market too long. This will lead people to think there is something wrong with your property and you will end up with a stigmatized home.

Marketplace knowledge:

If your property is priced too high, you may lose buyers.  If you ask too little, you stand to lose a great deal of money.  Spencer Real Estate Group looks at hundreds of houses a year and is constantly monitoring the new listings and recent sales in our market.

Home inspections can be difficult to navigate:

Understanding what is truly a defect is a challenge.  If you don't understand the terms you may end up replacing or repairing items that should not be the seller's responsibility.  Spencer Real Estate Group has the experience to guide you through the inspector’s report and assist you in finding reliable contractors to get the job done if repairs are required.

Buyers often need assistance with financing:

Financing is the number one reason real estate transactions fail to close. It is valuable to know good lenders who can get buyers the best rates and will be responsible to complete the loan within required timelines.  Spencer Real Estate Group is in constant contact with buyers and their lenders to ensure the loan gets finalized in a timely manner.

Negotiations and the art of compromise:

The “Give and Take” aspect of the sale of a home must be skillfully negotiated before a transaction is successfully completed.

Coordination of arrangements and the paperwork involved with a home sale require many hours:

Paperwork, advertising, negotiations, inspections, and meetings take a lot of time and most can only be done during regular business hours. 


If you're thinking about selling your home, please give us a call!

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