Real Estate Term Tuesday: Bill of Sale

Real Estate Term Tuesday: Bill of Sale

When purchasing a home, there may be items that you would like to stay with the property that don't qualify as fixtures. Some common examples are grills, lawn mowers, snow blowers, boats, pool tables, and ping pong tables. If you had your eye on the pool table and the seller is willing to part with it, your agent would include a bill of sale in the offer stating that the pool table would be transferred from the seller to the buyer at closing for whatever the agreed upon price was. Personal property cannot be included in the offer to purchase unless it is included in the bill of sale due to restrictions from mortgage lenders. 

If you're interested in a piece of artwork, furniture, curtains, equipment, game tables, or other personal property, there is no harm in asking your agent to reach out to the seller's side to ask! You might be surprised what people are willing to part with or don't want to move up and down the stairs!

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